Presenting Clean On Wheels'

Car Detailing

Clean On Wheels – mobile car interior cleaning

We are pleased to present you our sub-contractors – Clean on Wheels! Rest is on them to say:

“Our company can provide professionalism, affordable prices and great quality. We believe that your comfort is our priority that’s why our motto is – You Stay We Come!”

We are offering 2 types of interior cleaning:

  STANDARD includes:
Vacuuming, mats washing, refreshing your salon, dusting, dashboard cleaning.

This option leaves your car with refreshed look ready for new adventures.

  DETAIL includes:

Deep cleaning every surface inside the car, salon wash as well as after care for your interior. (without headliner – which is an extra option)

This option leaves your car with the “brand new look”!

More Information

Our prices are based on the type of the cleaning – standard or detail, the size of the vehicle, number of seats, distance from our main office and extra options (like headliners etc.)

Do not hesitate to contact us and have your best experience.

And do not forget – You Stay We Come!

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