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Why Resurrect Cleaning Services?

At Resurrect Cleaning Services, want to be your cleaning service of choice. That’s why we make every effort to give you that little bit of extra help, that other companies don’t deliver. If you are a landlord who wants to let, sell or buy a property, or a tenant that wants to make sure of getting their security deposit back, our All-In cleaning service is just what you need. We offer affordable last minute cleaning that we’re sure you will be pleased with.


Is your cleaning process safe?

Yes – we make use of eco-friendly and harmless cleaning products by ProChem. They are completely safe not just for the material, but for your family as well. You need not send the children, pets or elderly family members away while we clean, as the products will not cause them any harm whatsoever. In fact, the specialist would prefer at least one of you to be on site at the end, ideally the person arranging the service, so they can check the service on completion.


Do you do any other cleaning, as well?

Yes, we are a company which is widely flexible in terms of offered cleaning services. To get a full list of services, as well as a free quote, and information on today’s special offers, call our customer service centres. A friendly professional is ready to listen to your problems and offer a solution 7 days a week!


What services do you offer?

We have been providing top-notch domestic and commercial cleaning services such as After Builder and End of Tenancy cleanings, carpet and upholstery cleaning, exterior cleaning and more.


Is Resurrect Cleaning Services a Green company?

At this moment we are using over 70% off harmless chemicals and we are completely invested and working hard to become a 100% Green in the very near future.


What types of properties do you serve?

We do serve domestic, commercial, education, retail properties and more.

Oven Cleaning Services

A professional oven clean is a worthwhile investment in your appliance, which will leave your oven looking like new, saving you money if you were considering replacing it, as well as the time it would have taken you to try cleaning it yourself. Cleaning a dirty oven can be messy and time-consuming business if you try and tackle it yourself. After booking a professional oven clean you will be left with a sparkling clean oven, no exceptions.

You’ll be able to use your oven straight away after it’s been cleaned by one of our technicians. All oven operators use our patented cleaning products which are free of caustic soda, so you can feel confident getting back to your cooking.

A dirty oven is not a major health hazard, however, they do pose some risks if burnt on food and grease is allowed to accumulate. An excess of buildup can impact cooking efficiency and can also cause noxious fumes, which aren’t pleasant to have in the home. Find out more about the dangers of having a dirty oven.

Keeping the bottom of your oven clean is simple enough when it has been recently cleaned. Keep vigilant when cooking foods that have a propensity to drip or leak, and use a baking tray to catch any food that might fall down. If some food happens to drop onto the bottom of your oven, then make sure to wipe it off as soon as the oven has cooled enough to touch.

Carpet Cleaning Services

The suggested frequency of professional carpet cleaning is a couple of times a year. This is recommended by carpet manufacturers and carpet cleaning associations alike. Of course, this rate depends on how much foot traffic and people inhabit the respective homes or properties with carpeted flooring. For homes with children or pets, as well as communal areas, consider deep cleaning your carpets more often. The recommended rate for professional cleaning of e.g. hotel carpets, or homes with big families, is at least once per season.

Professional steam cleaning services are your best shot at attempting to remove stains from any age or origin. Our high-powered equipment also allows multiple modes of cleaning, such as warm or cold water as opposed to hot, and varying pressure as well. You should be aware that certain stains will be cleaned with lower settings, e.g. blood, as cleaning it with heat will not remediate the stain.

Our experts have the necessary years of experience and the knowledge to treat every type of stain in the most suitable way, and as many times as the fabric allows. Nevertheless, some issues can permanently change the original colour of your carpet. However, the chances of stain removal are always highest with our company’s fully trained and certified cleaning specialists. They will be even higher if you call us as soon as the issue happens. The faster you get in touch with us, the higher chances we will have of 100% stain removal.

End of Tenancy

To see what is included in the service, please refer to our detailed End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist.

The end of tenancy cleaning team brings all the tools and products necessary for the completion of the job.

Our end of tenancy cleaning professionals strictly follow an agency-approved list of tasks when cleaning your rental housing, to ensure that every area of the property will be cleaned to the highest of standards before you relocate. This way, The Resurrect Cleaning Services technicians make sure that you will obtain your deposit money back. However, if you are not happy with the result, you can contact us within 72 hours and we will arrange a re-clean of the property.

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